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Thrive with professional training from Binawan Training Center. Our expert instructors and personalized approach offer engaging programs for language proficiency and job-specific skills

Language Training & Test

Enhance your language skills with our comprehensive training and testing programs.

Standardized English Test

Prepare for standardized English tests with our expert guidance.

Skill Classes

Explore a variety of skill classes designed to enhance your professional development.

Top Featured Courses and Test

We offer a curated selection of our top featured courses and tests to help you achieve your learning goals.
Browse through our top offerings and take the first step towards your educational journey.

Foreign Language

Learn foreign languages with ease. Our classes are designed for beginners and open to anyone. Join our experienced instructors and explore English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and German from scratch.

TOEFL Preparation Class

Prepare for the TOEFL test intensively. Boost your English skills with our dedicated instructors. This class is open to intermediate and advanced English learners.

IELTS Preparation Class

Get ready for the IELTS test. Improve your English skills through intensive training with our experienced instructors. This class is open to intermediate and advanced English learners.

Duolingo Preparation Class

Receive intensive training from our instructors to enhance your English skills. This class is open to intermediate and advanced English learners.

TOEFL Prediction Test

Get an estimation of your TOEFL and IELTS scores. Take the Prediction Test to gauge your performance and receive guidance for test preparation.

IELTS Prediction Test

Discover your potential IELTS score. Take the Prediction Test for insights into your performance and valuable guidance for test preparation.

Why train with us?

Learn foreign languages, medical skills, job preparation, in a fun, attractive way, and is trusted to bring your target closer to become the best version of you.

Oxford & Cengage Learning Method

Benefit from proven teaching methods used by renowned educational institutions.

Experienced Instructor

Learn from experienced professionals who bring expertise and real-world insights.

Personalized Training Experience

We tailor our training to meet your specific needs and help you become the best version of yourself.

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