Instructor Appreciation Week Sir Michael

It’s the last installment of Instructor Appreciation Week! We hope this week has been giving you the chance to get to know our instructor beyond the classroom. From their favorite book and movie to their hopes and wishes in 2022. Today we meet Sir Michael, our General English instructor who currently resides in Russia. Scroll down to read our interview with Sir Michael.

How would you describe your experience teaching the students at Binawan Training Center so far?

It’s been great although challenging! This is my first time working with students from Asia and surely there are cultural differences that we must be aware of. Our students ease the process of learning by being friendly and cooperative.

Could you tell us a little about your day-to-day activity?

Many things happen on a daily basis: from conducting well-known assessments, scoring, talking to Instructors, managing daily finance to completely random new things almost every day.

What do you think was the most important world event in 2021?

Beginning of mass vaccination is the most important thing in 2021. Cannot wait for borders to open and operate normally so that I can come and visit Binawan Training Center new office in person.

 What are you hoping for in 2022?

Less stress and more peace of mind

What is the one song you could listen to on repeat for days?

Gymnopedie No.1 by Eric Satie. It helps me relax yet able to concentrate

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