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Thinking of taking IELTS Test but still clueless on how to nail it and get high scores? Worry not, because Binawan Training Center has come up with the ultimate IELTS Guide by those who have achieved high scores for their IELTS exam. First up, is Alexandra Kropacheva (Miss Sasha). Find out what it takes to get the best of your IELTS Test from her who achieved overall score of 8.5.What other tips and tricks do you want to know? Let us know in the comment!

My last IELTS exam was interesting. At the 3rd part of Speaking the examiner interrupted me twice, after that we were taken to
a freezing room for the rest of the exam. It was winter in St. Petersburg and the heater didn’t work properly, so by the time I got down to the 1st part of Writing I couldn’t feel my hands. I passed the exam and got band 8.5 and it was an experience to remember. But I’m not here to give you tricks or lifehacks how to get maximum score in 3 days. It is simply not possible.


1. Progress Diary

Preparing for IELTS has its ups and downs. Every single one of us faces a dramatic moment of “All I do is practice, but it doesn’t feel like there’s any progress”. Don’t rely on your feelings, rely on your numbers. Create a table where you mark the dates and your results. Thus, next time you feel demotivated, look at your numbers now and compare them with those a month ago.

2. Test the strategies you hear or read about

There are so many IELTS experts all around the world. Every single one has their own lifehacks and special techniques, it’s mind-blowing and virtually impossible to try out and follow all of them. Choose the ones that seems sensible to you, test them, and use them every time you practice. The trick is not to outsmart the system, but to find your own way of dealing with it.

3. Don’t take it personally

What if the examiner keeps interrupting you, makes faces, and even yawns in front of you? You are a bit unlucky and have to face a very rude and inconsiderate person. However, based on my personal experience, it does not and will not affect your score. Keep calm and do your best.

4. Take care of yourself

Eat healthy food, sleep 8 hours a day, go to gym, meet with friends, meditate, go out for coffee, do what makes you happy! IELTS should not make your life stop. Dedicate certain amount of hours for preparation, but be sensible and don’t push yourself over the limit otherwise you’ll end up with a burnout.


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