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In accordance with November’s theme, Skill Development Month, Binawan Training Center presents an interview with an expert in the field of Human Resources, Dr. Nunuk Adiarni. Read this interview and we hope that those of you who want to deepen or are curious about the world of Human Resources can gain a lot of knowledge.

Ibu Nunuk, what key insights or strategies do you believe have been most impactful in your field?

“Commitment to personal growth is essential. Keep learning and seek guidance from others with experience in HR development. HR involves managing, leading, and influencing others’ thoughts about their careers, helping them define what they want to achieve and who they want to become. Each person is responsible for their own development.”

Based on your expertise, what emerging trends or technologies do you see shaping the future of HR?

“In recent years, technology, especially Information and Communication Technology, has been changing rapidly, significantly impacting our lives. Now, we can find everything in open source. It is crucial to be technology-savvy. We can seek for example assistance from ChatGPT for finding the information needed to improve or set up HR systems.”

Can you share a specific challenge or obstacle you’ve encountered in your career, and how you overcame it?

“In terms of specific challenges, they are divided into two fields: external and internal. First, determining the actual goal I want to achieve and how to reach it. For example, I aim to complete my studies at the highest level, meaning a doctoral degree, and then share the knowledge. Several challenges arise in non-technical issues such as family, health, and work that need to be balanced. I need to be persistent, manage time effectively, drive myself towards achieving results, and pray to Allah. And, importantly, the support from my family is crucial.”

In your opinion, what skills or qualities are essential for success in HR?

“Firstly, acquiring professional qualifications in the Human Resource field involves understanding regulations and the company’s vision. HR professionals must be dedicated to developing others and ensuring that HR needs align with both regulatory compliance and organizational goals. However, humans are diverse in their commitment and competencies, presenting additional challenges in helping them achieve their best performance.”

What advice do you have for someone starting their career in HR?

  • Be the person who keeps HR data confidential. This includes interview results, remuneration, performance results, and other sensitive information.
  • Be the person who is willing to keep learning and listening to others.
  • Ensure that we understand the regulations.
  • Learn HR Management System; HR planning, recruiting and selection, remuneration systems, HR development and performance management systems


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